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LeBron James Is Getting Flamed For Passing To Danny Green On Late-Game Shot: "Kobe And Mike Taking That Shot."

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

As Lakers Nation tears Danny Green to shreds online, many critics are wondering why it wasn't LeBron James himself who took that shot. With a title on the line, and second to go in the game, the stakes literally couldn't be higher and it's a moment that stars are supposed to take upon their shoulders.

LeBron, doing what he usually does, passed it to Danny Green instead, which caused a series of awful plays that led to a turnover. The criticism of LeBron is certainly legitimate and fans couldn't help but compare it to what Kobe and Mike would have done in that situation.

Though, after the game, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel defended it, insisting it was the right move.

To Bron's credit, looking for the open guy has always been his go-to move for late-game situations. No matter your opinion on that strategy, he decided to stick with it tonight even with a Championship on the line.

But if ever a moment called for LeBron to be aggressive and take the ball himself, it was then -- and he'll likely hear all about over these next couple of days.