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LeBron James: "I’ve Never Really Started Up A Trash-Talking Dialogue. I Believe The Way I Play The Game Is Enough Trash Talking In Itself."

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

Jimmy Butler revealed yesterday that he was only responding to LeBron when he said "you're in trouble" late in the fourth quarter of Game 3. Apparently, it was Bron who initiated the exchange, starting with telling Butler that the Heat were the ones "in trouble" at the end of the first quarter.

It sounds a lot like trash talk from King James, which is nothing out of the ordinary for athletes of any major sport. Michael did it, Kobe did it, and pretty much every athlete lets their words lose on the court/field every now and then.

But according to LeBron, that is just not something he does.

Speaking after the game on the little exchange between him and Butler, Bron said that he's never been on the starting end of a trash-talking session.

(via Silver Screen & Roll's Harrison Faigen)

“For me personally, as long as it doesn’t get disrespectful, I’m fine with it. But I’ve never really started up a trash-talking dialogue. That’s just not me. I believe the way I play the game is enough trash talking in itself.”

At this point, LeBron knows everything that he says and does is going to be scrutinized by the community. When he walked off the court early in last night's game, for example, fans were quick to call him out on it -- and they're doing it again here. Not only did they refer to his in-game comments to Butler as proof he was wrong, fans started digging for evidence of past occasions in which LeBron did, in fact, initiate trash talk.

Fans just aren't buying it and it's clear to see why. Even Bron has gotten caught up in the moment a few times, and words have slipped his mouth, even if they were unintentional.

But, hey, most fans would prefer to see James talk a little bit more, especially if it'll get him riled up. Perhaps he should embrace the art of trash talk instead of trying to denounce it.