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LeBron James Just Sent A Very Cryptic Tweet And Nobody Knows What It Means

LeBron James

LeBron James is currently sidelined from game action due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

But just because the King is disqualified from playing doesn't mean the world isn't paying attention to what he's doing.

On Wednesday, James stirred up quite a lot of buzz for something he posted on Twitter. Without any explanation, he posted the following message to social media:

Something is REAL *fishy* going on

Without any clue what was going on, fans flooded the comments to express their confusion:

The prevailing theory is that James might be questioning his COVID-19 diagnosis. He took several tests already, and one of them came back negative. He's also not experiencing any symptoms.

The Lakers were handed a massive blow yesterday, as it was revealed that LeBron James had caught COVID-19, and had entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols. James is expected to miss several games, something that the Lakers can't really afford right now. But it appears James is not suffering from any symptoms at the moment.

It was revealed by analyst Michael J. Babcock that James actually had to be tested three times in order to confirm the COVID-19 diagnosis. The first was a lateral flow test which came back positive. The second was an RT-PCR test that came back negative. Finally, James had to take a third tiebreaker test that came back negative.

It's mere speculation at this point, but LeBron certainly has a lot to gripe about at the moment.

As he sits due to his COVID-19 diagnosis, his struggling Lakers will have to fend for themselves in the bitter Western Conference. This, of course, comes after the league handed him a suspension for his altercation with Isaiah Stewart.

Needless to say, Bron has a lot of chips on his shoulder this season, and it's clear that his frustration is starting to boil over.