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LeBron James Likes Instagram Post Saying: “LeBron’s Supporting Cast Can’t Play Great And Tom Brady’s Defenses Can’t Play Great. They Have To Win Games By Themselves. The GOATS Both Live By A Different Set Of Rules.”

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

LeBron James' mission to overtake Jordan and become the greatest player of All-Time is still ongoing. Even at 36-years-old, and in his 18th season, the "King" is still working to build up his resume and prove, once and for all, that he is worthy of being named the NBA's GOAT.

No doubt, one of the biggest arguments against James' claim involves the sheer number of superstars he has been lucky enough to play with over the years. From Dwyane Wade, to Chris Bosh, to Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Anthony Davis, LeBron hasn't ever really won a Chip without two other star players backing him up.

Finally, in the aftermath of watching another sports icon reach a major milestone (Tom Brady), LeBron "revealed" some of his thoughts on the narrative surrounding his teammates, his own legacy, and how it compares to a guy like Brady.

Check out this post on Instagram, which was liked by the Lakers star himself.

“LeBron’s supporting cast can’t play great and Tom Brady’s defenses can’t play great. They can’t have their teammates step up. They have to win games by themselves.

The GOATS both live by a different set of rules 🐐🐐”

The point of the post wasn't to point out how little help LeBron has. Rather, it's illustrating the insane expectations fans have hoisted on Bron and guys who are in a similar position in other sports.

Whenever Bron loses, it's always an indictment on him. He gets all the blame and credit for how far his team is able to go in the postseason. The truth of the matter is that basketball is, first and foremost, a team game, and even a guy like LeBron can't win without some help.

Even as many misconstrued the point of the post, it does ring with an undeniable scent of truth.

Then again, isn't that what these guys sign up for? Does greatness not come with unrealistic expectations?

At the very least, it's a conversation worth having, and it seems James is all about having a chat...