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LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd And Gary Payton All Said That No-One Would Beat Oscar Robertson's Record

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Russell Westbrook

(via Sporting News)

Russell Westbrook has recently achieved what was thought impossible until he came into the league. He has broken the all-time triple-double record, previously held by Milwaukee Bucks legend Oscar Robertson. Russell Westbrook has become Mr. Triple Double for the modern generation, making them become commonplace.

Despite his basketball abilities, Russell Westbrook is underappreciated by many fans for his somewhat controversial style of play. Whether one appreciates how he plays or not, there is nobody that can deny that he is an effective player. The fact that he broke Oscar Robertson's record highlights just how special he is. It is difficult to go out there and get 10 of each stat, even if you try. 

To put into perspective how difficult Westbrook's feat was, Esfandiar Baraheni of theScore has recently shared a video that highlighted famous legends who said Oscar Robertson's record will not be broken. All of them are top-tier players who are known for their ability to get a triple-double. Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James all thought that it was impossible to break Oscar Robertson's record: but Russell Westbrook simply went out and did it on the court.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook has done something unique, and that it is something that he will be known for. Many have criticized him for not being a champion, and maybe there is some truth to that: but he has shown just how good a player he is already, and championships are often a matter of circumstance. Regardless of what happens for the rest of his career, Russell Westbrook will always be known as someone who did the impossible.