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LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Stephen A. Smith Respond To The Breonna Taylor News



The fight for justice for Breonna Taylor has been ongoing ever since she was shot in her home by Louisville police. While many of the heartbreaking details have been released to the public, there is still much we don't (and probably never will know) about the whole situation.

Still, it seems wrong for the police to shoot an unarmed black woman in the confines of her own home and many in the NBA community feel the same way.

Unfortunately, the courts gave leniency to the officers responsible, as only one of the three was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment charges. Outraged and hurt, many have spoken up and out against this decision, including LeBron James and several other prominent figures in the basketball community.

Perhaps now, more than ever, the black community wants to be heard. They want justice, they want equality, they want to be able to live their lives without fear.

While there's no changing what happened to Breonna Taylor, perhaps bringing attention to the crimes carried out against her will save someone else from a similar fate. Perhaps making noise and drawing attention is the only way to get people to listen anymore.

LeBron, Magic, and many others around the country and around the globe want to inspire change. And while we seem to be taking some important steps towards progress, it's clear we've still got a long way to go.