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LeBron James Mistakenly Claimed Warriors Had No Players Out This Year Even Though They Were Missing 7 Players On Christmas

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LeBron James Leads The NBA IN 30-Point Games Despite Only Playing 23 Games This Season

LeBron James is one of the most outspoken voices in sports, with him often speaking out on the various happenings around the NBA and the wider world. A lot of people would usually consider him to be fair in his opinions. But recently, LeBron James made a statement that missed the mark.

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas, LeBron James claimed that "everybody besides Golden State and Phoenix" has had players miss time. That is untrue, as the Golden State Warriors were missing 7 players for their matchup against the Phoenix Suns that day, including their 2nd and 3rd scoring options in Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole. Klay Thompson and James Wiseman haven't even played yet for the Warriors either.

Nobody's gonna feel sorry for you. Nobody's going to feel sorry for our record... Everybody besides I think Golden State and Phoenix has had guys out. 

There is no question that a lot of teams have suffered this year from players missing games under health and safety protocols and other injuries. The Los Angeles Lakers were not an exception, as they've had multiple players out for parts of the season, including LeBron James. But everyone is dealing with similar circumstances currently, and as LeBron James aptly stated "nobody's going to feel sorry" for the Los Angeles Lakers' current predicament.

The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers have had drastically different seasons this year, with the Warriors being on top of the Western Conference, and the Lakers fighting to stay above .500. It is clear that the Los Angeles Lakers need to change something up, with some people suggesting that Russell Westbrook should be traded to improve the roster. We'll see what the Los Angeles Lakers decide to do, but they need to act quickly to improve and be the contenders they want to be.