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LeBron James Nike Poster Gets Taken Down Outside Staples Center After Latest Loss To Grizzlies

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It's officially panic time in Los Angeles, where the once optimistic Lakers sit in severe danger of missing the postseason for yet another year.

This time was supposed to be different. This time was supposed to bring glory, fame, and respect back to the Lakers' franchise.

Instead, all they've gotten is heartbreak.

And, in the midst of this sinking ship, not even LeBron has been spared from criticism. And, coincidentally, his mural is being taken down across from Staples Center.

It is not known why the mural is being taken down right now, or if it has anything to do with all the drama surrounding the Lakers. But it certainly serves as a symbol for the state of the team at the moment.

Unless they turn this thing around quickly, LBJ's arrival in Los Angeles will officially have started in total failure.