LeBron James On 10th NBA Finals Appearance: "My Shoulders Are Wide Enough To Carry A Lot Of Load But My Mind Is Stronger."

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(via Insider)

(via Insider)

On the night of securing his 10th NBA Finals appearance, LeBron James appeared poised, focused, and collected as he spoke to the NBA community after the game.

LeBron: "Guys on our team have never been to the Finals before so I took that responsibility as well. My shoulders is wide enough to carry a lot of load but my mind is stronger. I always keep my mind strong and I'm happy to be in this position."

How much of this is joy and how much of this is business still needs to be done?

LeBron: "We're gonna enjoy it tonight, as we should because this is not promised every year. There's only two teams that can advance to the Finals every year. And that means there's only 30 players that advance every year. So we're gonna enjoy it tonight but we understand that we got bigger fish to fry. We understand there's a bigger goal. But we can't take this for granted."

James has been in this position before -- ten times, with three different teams. He has seen many opponents and has been on both sides of many Finals matches. If there's anyone who can steer this Lakers team with the right mindset going into this, it's him.

It seems like the team is going to take a minute to smell the roses, but Bron won't let them linger on it for too long. He's got his eyes set further, and so does the rest of that squad.