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LeBron James On Anthony Davis: "In New Orleans, He Would Get The Shoulder Or The Ankle And He Would Sit Out. This Year, No Matter What Injury He Had, His A** Came Back On The Floor."

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Considering how successful the 2019-20 season was for Anthony Davis, it's fair to say he made the right decision by demanding a trade to the Lakers.

In Los Angeles, with LeBron James, Davis has become a part of something much bigger -- and it might be showing in the level of commitment he is showing his current team.

According to what LeBron James said in an appearance on the "Road Trippin'" podcast last month, there is something different about the star big man now than back during his tenure with the Pelicans.

“I watched him in New Orleans,” LeBron told Richard Jefferson on " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Road Trippin. “He would get these nagging injuries and be out multiple games. He would get the shoulder or the ankle and he would sit out. This year, no matter what injury he had, his ass came back on the floor.”

If you ask Pelicans' fans, Davis had checked out on the team way before the trade went down, which can account for why he was so over-protective of his body back then.

For LeBron and others, it could simply be a winning environment that has Davis more engaged and active on the floor.

Regardless, it's just undeniable that the 27-year-old is more "healthy" now than he has ever been before. The 62 games he played last season was his highest mark since 2015.

Hopefully, that will continue to carry over into this campaign as well, and the Lakers can continue to compete for a title with their two stars and leaders.