LeBron James On Anthony Davis Playing In Game 6: “My Mindset Is He’s Not Going To Be Able To Play Game 6. If Something Changes, We Go From There."

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers just suffered their worst loss of the season. They trailed by as many as 36 points, scored just 36 points in the first half, and just 2 players scored 15+ points in the game.

It's clear that not having Anthony Davis has taken a massive toll on their offense, and even if they can still play some good defense without him, they just can't seem to get any flow or rhythm in the offensive end.

Sadly, LeBron James doesn't think that his sidekick will be able to get back on the court for Game 6, as he recently said that they'll just assume that he won't play:

“My mindset is he’s not going to be able to play Game 6. If something changes, we go from there," James told the media, according to Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation.

James had previously said that his shoulders were big for a reason and that he was going to lead the team to a victory, but at 36 years old and in his 18th season in the league, that may no longer be the case.

LeBron led his team with 22 points last night but the momentum was clearly in the Suns' favor. They were more aggressive, more confident, and simply healthier.

Now, the Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of becoming the first team since the 2015 San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA Championship and then be eliminated in the first round the following season.

Notably, Chris Paul was also a part of the team that knocked down the Spurs back then when he played for the Clippers.

Also, this would be the first time in LeBron James' career that he loses a playoff series, so he and the Lakers must fight with bones and nails to avoid that scenario.