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LeBron James On Bubble Atmosphere: “I Continue To Say This Is Different."



LeBron and the Lakers suffered a major and surprising defeat at the hands of the eight-seeded Blazers today and there are a number of concerns creeping up about L.A.

Their offense looks lackluster, as everyone besides Bron seems to be unable to hit shots, especially on the perimeter. Defensively, they got smoked by Dame and CJ, who combined for 55 points.

There seems to be an issue with the team, but could part of it be a result of the surroundings? As LeBron indicated in the post-game presser, things don't feel the same in the "bubble" with no fans.

“I continue to say this is different. We’re in a bubble with no fans."

Still, he made sure to note that he's still as locked in as ever before.

"But as far as me being locked in on the gameplan, that doesn’t change. Not one bit.”

James and the lakers will get another crack at Portland on Thursday, but they've got to start hitting shots if they want to get a victory.

We'll see soon enough how they respond to tonight's loss.