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LeBron James On Gregg Popovich: "Very Educated, Very Smart Man."

(via San Antonio Express-News)

(via San Antonio Express-News)

Gregg Popovich is probably one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. But, amid all the craziness these past few years have brought, he has also served as a spokesman against many of the current issues plaguing our times.

Whether it was about Donald Trump, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, or the recent Capitol Hill riots, he has never been afraid to say what he feels.

Following San Antonio's victory over the Lakeshow on Thursday, LeBron James had nothing but kind things to say about the San Antonio head coach.

“Very educated, very smart man. He comes from a sense of being a human being. Knowing what’s going on in our country. Knowing the difference between right & wrong & the challenges we have to go through."

Popovich has been amongst the biggest critics of Donald Trump and his administration. The list of things he has called him is pretty extensive and not very kind.

Still, there is a lot of wisdom to his words for a better world and it seems his genius extends well beyond what happens on the basketball court.

For a guy like LeBron James to have such profound respect for him really speaks volumes...