LeBron James On Kevin Durant: "Appreciate Greatness."

LeBron James On Kevin Durant- "Appreciate Greatness."

Kevin Durant had one of the greatest performances in playoff history on Tuesday night.

With a 49-point triple-double and some late-game heroics down the stretch, he basically carried the shorthanded Nets to a crucial win in Game 5.

It was a true masterpiece, which is only more impressive when you think about Durant being just two years removed from tearing his Achilles.

Amid shocked fans and media members, LeBron James became just one of an endless sea of people to share his thoughts on the performance, and he urged fans to appreciate it while they can.

Obviously, LeBron knows a thing or two about greatness. For almost two decades, he has been one of the best players on the planet. And while he may be watching the playoffs from home this year, he'll likely be back in the fold before too long.

Interestingly enough, James and Durant don't really have the best history. Throughout their careers, they have been pitted as rivals, with Durant constantly at Bron's heels. Still, despite that murky past, and the many battles the two have faced, even LeBron can recognize his greatness after an amazing performance.

And if he can appreciate it, why can't we?