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LeBron James On Kobe Bryant Playing Similarly To Michael Jordan: "I Appreciated Kobe’s Game For Kobe’s Game… I Respected Him For Who He Was As A Player."



Kobe Bryant has always been compared to Michael Jordan, among league players and casual fans alike. They had similar shot creation ability from all three levels, and their clutch shooting was the type of shooting that made them legends. They were undoubtedly similar players, and they achieved similar levels of greatness: Michael Jordan won six championships while Kobe Bryant won 5.

Recently when asked about Kobe Bryant emulating Michael Jordan's playstyle, LeBron James made sure to highlight that Kobe Bryant was still a separate player. Their games were similar yet different, and LeBron James commented on his appreciation for Kobe Bryant for Kobe's own game, rather than being a similar game to Jordan.

It makes sense, as eras change and so do legends: even if Kobe Bryant modeled his game on Michael Jordan, his game was very well polished and deserves its own recognition. James also overlapped with Kobe Bryant during his playing career and witnessed first hand what the former Laker's greatness looked like. Kobe Bryant could hit shots with a hand in his face, and defenders draped over him.

While Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were undoubtedly similar players, Kobe Bryant himself is a unique player and personality that deserves to be remembered on his own merits. He formed an unstoppable duo with Shaquille O'Neal to win three titles, then won two-more as the main scoring option. Kobe Bryant is an all-time great, with or without the similarities to Michael Jordan.