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LeBron James On Kyle Kuzma: "In Order For Us To Win A Championship, He Has To Be Our Third Best Player."

(via LA Sports Hub)

(via LA Sports Hub)

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled mightily since the Orlando bubble seeding games began a few weeks ago. LeBron and AD have looked off and the team has looked lethargic.

But tonight's game was a good sign, as L.A. was able to pull away with the much-needed win against the Denver Nuggets. LeBron and Davis shined, combining for 56 points and 17 assists. But the real star of the show was young star Kyle Kuzma, who scored 25 points -- including the game-winner.

But perhaps the most surprising comment of the game came from LeBron James, who went so far as to say Kuzma being their third option is necessary for them to win the Chip this season.

Indeed, it seems LeBron is putting a lot of weight on his young teammates' shoulders. Unfortunately, Kuz has yet to prove he is capable of sustaining this level of play for long periods of time.

But if he can somehow be the player the Lakers need him to be, they will be even more formidable come the postseason.