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LeBron James Once Admitted He Destroys Players Who Wear His Shoes When Playing Against Him: "I'mma Bust Your A**."

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LeBron James is one of the most prominent superstars in the game today, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, who are one of the biggest franchises in the entire league. There's no doubt that he is quite possibly the most popular player in the NBA as of right now. 

A lot of top-tier superstars have their own shoe deals, and that is no different for LeBron James. The LeBrons are an acclaimed shoe line under Nike, and he's even earned praise from competitors such as Kevin Durant for his LeBron 20s.

No disrespect to the other joints, but these may rival the 1s and the 3s as the best in your collection.

There is no doubt that LeBron James' shoes are popular across the league, not just among the fans. However, it seems as though players should watch out when wearing LeBron James' shoes to play against the superstar. 

LeBron James Once Admitted That He Goes Hard Against Players That Wear His Shoes

In a 2015 interview, LeBron James was asked about his opponents wearing his shoes. He told a story about how in his younger days, he thought that Michael Jordan had a mental edge over players who were wearing his shoes. James then admitted that he'd try to destroy players who wore his shoes when playing against him, claiming that he'd "bust their a**" unless they were close friends of his. (6:10):

“When I was a kid, and I used to see guys wear MJ’s shoes when they played against MJ, I’m like, ‘Oh, MJ got a little mental edge over those guys. So for me, now being in that MJ class, if I see a guy wearing my shoes. If he's not like a good real brother of mine... If you just a guy that’s just like, you actually just go to Foot Locker or somewhere, you just get a pair of ‘Brons and you want to wear ’em on a Tuesday night vs. me? I’ma bust your a**. Straight up.”

LeBron James is obviously a competitor who tries to dominate the opposition on a regular basis, but it is clear that he goes extra hard in matchups against players who wear LeBrons.

As of right now, LeBron James is likely getting ready for next season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully, we see him have another high-level season with the team, and perhaps we'll see LeBron James lead them back to the playoffs as well.