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LeBron James Pays Tribute To Virgil Abloh: "Rest In Paradise Legend!!!"

LeBron James Pays Tribute To Virgil Abloh: "Rest In Paradise Legend!!!"

Yesterday, news broke that famed designer Virgil Abloh had passed away after a 2-year private battle with Cancer. Abloh was very young and was one of the top-most names in fashion, mostly for his work with Louis Vitton and Off-White. And the world has been mourning his passing since.

LeBron James took to Instagram to pay tribute to Abloh by posting a picture of himself with the designer along with a set of customized shoes that Abloh had given to him and signed. James called him a legend and hoped that he would find peace in the afterlife. 

Abloh had become an icon in the fashion world, mostly for the work he did with Off White. Abloh was the founder and the head of Off White, which quickly became one of the hottest fashion brands in the world. On top of that, his work as the head of Louis Vitton's Menswear was heralded as incredibly creative.

James isn't the only NBA star to speak on Abloh's passing. Paul George spoke about Virgil's passing, and the impact he had on the culture, and the sneaker industry, a world that NBA players are very active participants in.

“A pioneer for our generation. I think he just created a wave of young Black, young African Americans, & young guys of color, young women of color, to kind of bridge the gap. Especially with something as big as Nike and the fashion world.”

Abloh's impact on the NBA can't be understated. Several players have won shoes that he has designed on the court while playing in games. On top of that, Abloh often appeared at games. And last year, he unveiled a collaboration between his Off White brand and the NBA at Madison Square Garden.

His collaboration also included the Louis Vitton case for the Larry O'Brien trophy. And that case has been showcased at the last two NBA championship presentations for the Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks respectively. Abloh's work will stand the test of time, not just in the NBA, but the world over.