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LeBron James Picks The ‘Concord’ Air Jordan 11 As A Top-3 Sneaker Of All-Time: "Facts!!!"


LeBron James has praised one of the most iconic shoes in NBA history, putting them on the top 3 list of all time. 

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar, just like many NBA players, is a sneakerhead, and he knows very well what he's talking about. In recent hours, the King took to Twitter to talk about the 'Concord' Air Jordan 11, which debuted 26 years ago with Michael Jordan doing his thing. 

When somebody called them a top 3 sneakers of all time, Bron agreed with that person, effusively saying that it was 'facts' in his response. 

The Jordan Brand has more than one iconic shoe, but the Concord has a special place in fans' hearts. MJ really nailed it with these sneakers and even 26 years after they first saw the light, people are going crazy over them. 

Classic never dies, and James knows that very well. He has delivered some great shoes, too, but made it clear that these J's are probably his favorites of all time.