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LeBron James Praises Son Bryce James On Instagram And Posts Photos Of Them Doing The Same Dunk: "My Twin, My Ace, My Young King."

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LeBron James is one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, and there's no doubt that he has left his mark on the game. He has had an amazing individual year this season, averaging 30.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG, and 6.2 APG for the Lakers.

We have seen some NBA players' children make the league in the past, and it is quite possible that some of LeBron James' kids will end up making it to the league. Both Bryce James and Bronny James are great prospects, but reporter Brian Windhorst suggested that Bryce is viewed as the better prospect among the two.

“I don't get the same vibe, and people I've talked to don't get the same vibe about Bronny [to play in the NBA]. There are people, and I've never seen his younger son Bryce play, who told me that Bryce actually might be the better prospect amongst the two,” Windhorst said, via Lakers Daily. “Bryce, I think, is 13 or something like that. I don’t know if we can go that far.”

In a recent Instagram post, LeBron James praised Bryce James, calling him his "twin", while also sharing a photo of the two doing the same dunk. There is no doubt that Bryce James could potentially be great in the future, and we'll see if he does end up making the league in the future.

LeBron James has previously stated that his plans for the future involve playing with his son Bronny James. While it is unlikely that he'll be able to play with Bryce James, nothing is impossible, as LeBron James' longevity is absolutely unprecedented.

As of now though, LeBron James' priority will likely be to win a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. They missed the playoffs this year, but perhaps things will be different now that they have signed a lot of new athletic defenders and hired a new head coach in Darvin Ham.