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LeBron James Praises Zion Williamson: "He Could Make A Difference On The Outcome Of The Game."


There’s a new future superstar who’s about to enter the league with Duke’s Zion Williamson expected to become the number one pick of the 2019 NBA Draft.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar, LeBron James, has had nothing but good words for the Duke sensation as he has kept a close eye on him throughout the season. LeBron recently appeared on an episode of HBO’s “The Shop”, where he spoke a great deal about Zion’s first and only basketball season at college.

“I’ve watched him a lot over the last year … The one thing that I noticed with his one year at Duke, that his energy was infectious. Every possession it seemed like he could make a difference on the outcome of the game.”

James also mentioned that Williamson right now is “the most talked about guy in a long time.”

It’s possible that this could be exactly right and the last person to have this kind of impact before even entering the league may be LeBron James himself back in 2003. The two have been compared to each other both on and off the court.

On the court, the two stars both have a similar body type with unbelievable athletic skills to match it along with natural talent. Agility, speed and jumping abilities are skills that both players excel in and help them stand out from other NBA stars. While off the court, both LeBron and Zion are two of the most talked about basketball figures in the country, the hype around Zion during this college season is remarkably similar to LeBron’s year in college before he entered the NBA.

To be compared to a four-time MVP who’s achieved three championships is so tough for such a young man who has yet to play one match in the NBA.

We can sure expect that Zion Williamson will be something very special when he joins the league and hopefully he can rise above the pressure.