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LeBron James Predicted How Good Stephen Curry Would Be In 2009: "He Has The Talent. He's Good."

LeBron James Predicted How Good Stephen Curry Would Be In 2009: "He Has The Talent. He's Good."

Stephen Curry is the talk of the town right now after breaking Ray Allen's 3-point record at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. The Chef came a long way before pulling off one of the biggest feats he's achieved during his career, raising the bar even higher for the new generation of shooters. 

It's been a long journey for Curry, who drew good reactions when he entered the association, but not many people thought he would be this good before he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors. 

However, LeBron James saw something that made him believe Curry would be a solid player in the NBA. Back in 2009, still with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bron was inquired about Curry and his chances to become a big name in the league. He admitted that being the son of a former player was a big advantage for the point guard, and he learned the game very well. 

Bron even said he watched a game when Curry torched Wisconsin, a defensive team that couldn't do anything to stop the Davidson player. One Twitter user shared an old video of James talking about Curry, discussing the quality of the player. 

"Stephen Curry? I think so [he'll be good in the league]. I think he knows how to play the game of basketball. Of course, being the son of a former NBA player, Dell Curry, he was taught well how to play the game of basketball. He has the talent, he's good. I was impressed. He played really good against a very very tough defensive-minded Wisconsin, and I think we all know how tough Wisconsin defenses are. He shattered them."

12 years after that little chat, Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, and arguably the greatest point guard in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors superstar took the league by storm, changed the way the game is played, becoming one of the most influential players the association has seen. 

People like LeBron and Mark Jackson saw it coming, predicting Steph's greatness at a young age. Curiously, he clashed with LeBron in four NBA Finals matchups, winning three duels and losing one. Steph is one of the greatest. It's incredible to see how far he's come in his career. Some didn't think he would be good, but Bron went beyond that and assured that guy would do great things in the league.