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LeBron James' Priceless Response On Why Kawhi Choose The Clippers Over The Lakers

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Stop asking LeBron James about the motives of his peers.

In a chat with the media during the birth of the 2019 season, James had a rather interesting response after being asked on what made Kawhi choose the Clippers over the Lakers:

"How the hell can I answer that? I don't f***in know! I don't know. I don't know. Ask Kawhi! I'm happy though."

While James does have a point, it's clear why Kawhi might have chosen the Clips over starting a superteam with the Purple and Gold. With Paul George, on the Clippers, Leonard gets a chance to create and build his own brand for a franchise that has never really seen any postseason success.

With the Lakers, he would have had to cede control to LeBron while remaining in the media spotlight that he seemingly hates so much.

Last night, we saw the fruits of Kawhi's decision. Not only are the Clippers a deep and united team, but they are eager and hungry to see a Championship pass through their gates.

It seems like he made the right decision for himself, even if LeBron couldn't tell us why.