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LeBron James Put On Wendell Carter Jr's Goggles After Dwight Howard Unintentionally Broke Them

LeBron James Put On Wendell Carter's Goggles After Dwight Howard Unintentionally Hit Him In The Head And Broke Them

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had a strong showing against the Orlando Magic. Without Anthony Davis on the court, LeBron James took over for the team and led them to a dominant win with a 30-point triple-double. While James looked incredible on the court, he also shared a laugh with some of the other players.

During the game, Wendell Carter Jr. got his goggles knocked off and broken during a tangle with Dwight Howard. As the lenses fell to the floor, LeBron James picked them up and put them on his eyes, garnering a laugh from everyone in the arena, and the players on the court.

Perhaps James wearing the glasses for a moment helped enhance his vision, as he was able to notch double-digit assists during the game. Despite nearing 37 years of age, LeBron James still looks incredible and showed that he can go and play at a high level. In fact, James has been scoring 30+ points in many of the recent Lakers games.

The Lakers desperately need LeBron to continue this run of form he is on. The Lakers are currently on a rare 2-game winning streak this season, and they’ll be hoping to extend that as much as possible, as they are in dire need of a good run of games. And if James can play this way during that run, it sets them up perfectly to accomplish this.

Some people, including one NBA scout recently, have said that James is starting to slow down and show the effects of his age. But given his zenith was so unbelievably high, even a slower LeBron James is a threat to any team. So the Lakers will want to capitalize on this as much as possible and try to get their season back on track.