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LeBron James Questions NBA Referees After Controversial Foul On Russell Westbrook

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LeBron James took to social media to question the judgment of the NBA referees during the Lakers’ 138-128 overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night.

With just seconds remaining in regulation time with the Lakers leading 122-119, Lonzo Ball was called for a foul on Russell Westbrook as he was attempting a game-tying three-pointer.

However, Ball appeared to have made contact just before Westbrook attempted the shot, which would have given OKC a side-out instead of a chance to take the game to overtime.

Westbrook proceeded to convert all three free-throws and James made his feelings loud and clear about the call. Following the game, NBA referee Tom Washington acknowledged that they made an error but explained why there was no review."There is not a trigger to review whether or not there is a foul prior to or on the shot. The trigger would be whether it is a three-point shot or not. And upon being able to see the review of the play, we realized that the illegal contact actually happened prior to his upward motion, so it should have been a side-out."

Luckily for the Lakers, they were able to win the game in overtime as Kyle Kuzma's 32 points led Los Angeles to a second straight win as they currently hold a 25-21 record in the Western Conference.