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LeBron James Reacts After Lakers Trade Danny Green And Waive Quinn Cook

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James is the face of the Los Angeles Lakers. So we have to assume that the recent departures of Danny Green and Quinn Cook were cleared by him before being finalized by team President Rob Pelinka.

But while James may have given the okay to send them off, it doesn't mean there wasn't mutual love and respect between the players.

On Twitter, LeBron issued a goodbye to his now ex-teammates, thanking them and praising them for their hard work.

Danny Green would later respond, echoing the same feelings in return...

The Lakers accomplished their goal of winning a championship last season, and both Quinn and Green were a part of that success.

Of course, with the season over, and the next campaign starting up in just a few weeks, LA wasn't given much time to celebrate. They're back in business and making moves that will help them secure their second straight title. Green and Cook were only the beginning of what will likely be many more changes to come.

But so long as they have LeBron and Anthony Davis, the Lakeshow will be just fine.