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LeBron James Reacts To Anthony Davis' Super Bowl Commercial: "If You’ve Got A Commercial On Super Bowl Sunday, You’re Doing Something Right..."

(via Business Insider)

(via Business Insider)

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest sports events of the year for the United States. With tens of millions of viewers, the NFL Championship game has pretty much become a national holiday.

Considering the circumstances, it's no surprise that the cost for an ad can be upwards of $5 million, and advertisers often save their best, most well-thought-out clips for the occasion.

So, for an athlete (or anyone else for that matter) to get some screen time at any point during the night is a pretty huge deal, even if it's just for marketing/advertising purposes.

Interestingly enough, Anthony Davis had the honor of starring in one, much to the surprise of his star teammate, LeBron James. In a chat with the media ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, James responded to the news and discussed what it means for Davis' legacy.

(via Lakers Nation)

“Why am I just hearing about this? If you’ve got a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, you’re doing something right. I know how much those commercials cost.

I remember how much it cost to get. And it depends if it’s first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, halftime and fourth quarter. And if you get a 30 (second commercial) compared to a 60 or 90. That number goes up from there. I’m going to clock his and see how much time he got.”

Obviously, AD isn't on the level of MJ or Kobe, or even LeBron. But his appearance on Super Bowl Sunday is certainly an indicator as to how much his brand and legacy have grown since his arrival to Los Angeles in 2019. If teams are willing to plaster his face in their most important commercial of the year, he's got to be someone they believe has real influence in the community.

As the reigning NBA Champion, and the future of the Lakers, it shouldn't be too surprising to see him star in another Super Bowl commercial sometime in the near, or distant, future.