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LeBron James Reacts To His Super Bowl Commercial: "Crazy To See Myself Again At 17!"

LeBron James Reacts To His Super Bowl Commercial: "Crazy To See Myself Again At 17!"

LeBron James made an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday, but not in the way you might think.

Late into the Championship game, fans were shocked to see James star in a commercial... with himself. The 30-second video featured James talking to his younger self, inspiring him with wisdom and glimpses of the future. It was a really cool and impressively made commercial, which went viral on Twitter Sunday night.

A day later, James himself responded to the clip seeming impressed at the tech that allowed him to "see" his young self.

It is interesting what the older LeBron had to say to his young self.

Even back in High School, LeBron James was juggling big expectations. Hailed as 'The Chosen One,' James carried the pressure of a superstar before he had the chance to play a single NBA game.

But when he finally did suit up for the Cavs in 2003, he showed a level of maturity and professionalism that baffled his peers at the time.

“I say this all the time is like I’m three years in the league and when this boy walked in that gym he was way more mature than me really like way more mature than me," said former Cavs player Darius Miles. "Just the way he carried himself, what he did like. I’m still wild straight from the hood doing ghetto hood stuff, going a spot that I’m not supposed to be in. I’m the highest pick at the time and I do not carry myself in this league the way he came in that league and carry himself…. It’s maturity about yourself that’s why I’m just saying like I still was immature, I still might throw attention tantrums. He carried himself like a professional coming straight out of high school like I said, I’m three years in the league and he’s way more mature than me.”

Today, James is known and regarded as one of the best players in basketball history, in part because of the maturity he has demonstrated throughout his career.

So, if James really could sit down and talk to his young self, he probably wouldn't have much to say. He was ready for the challenge and built for the spotlight.

So much so, in fact, that he's got his own commercials at the Super Bowl.