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LeBron James Reacts To Lou Williams' Mom's Epic Throwback Photo

LeBron James Reacts To Lou Williams' Mom's Epic Throwback Photo

Every single young hooper dreams of making it to the NBA, but not many of them are actually able to fulfill that dream.

They grow up idolizing players and looking up to them. So, it's always nice to see when rookies and veterans collide and they get the chance to play with or against their idols.

Recently, Lou Williams shared yet another great story like that, posting a picture with LeBron James during his rookie season:

“Aye @kingjames, my moms got some timeless pics in her archive. Lol. Your rookie year. Me going into my senior year in high school. I had got hit with a baseball bat (accidentally) the week before that so my eye was black. Same scar I got now," Williams captioned the post.

"YO!!!! This is insane. Been my G for quite awhile now," The King wrote in the comments section.

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It's kind of hilarious to see that both LeBron and Sweet Lou look exactly the same nearly 20 years after the photo was taken.

It also helps you put the dynamic of the NBA in perspective. Even if they battle to the death on the court, most of those players grew up playing against each other and have quite a good relationship outside of basketball.

Also, when you've been around the league for as long as James and Williams have been, you're likely to meet pretty much every single guy who sets foot on the court for generations to come.

That's the definition of going full circle. The NBA truly is where amazing happens.