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LeBron James Reacts To Viral Video Of Former President Barack Obama Nailing Three-Point Jumper

(via Business Insider India)

(via Business Insider India)

No matter how you feel about Barack Obama's politics, you're got to admit the man has got a mean jumper.

In a clip that has since gone viral, the former U.S. President is videoed nailing a three-point jump-shot in the corner.

It's a pretty clean looking shot that clearly had Obama feeling good about himself. It's a pretty wholesome moment through and through and generated tons of reactions online -- one of which came from LeBron James, who is known to be friends with the famous politician.

The Obama administration held a good relationship with the NBA and most of the sports world. It was an honor for Champs to make their annual White House visit.

Nowadays, much of the NBA community is up in arms against the White House, spearheaded by Donald Trump himself, who has routinely blasted the league's "progressive" agenda and the players who have been critical of his policies.

With the election just a few days out now, tension is higher than ever as many await the results.

In the midst of it all, it's nice to see a smile-inducing moment between a former President and the best player in basketball.