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LeBron James Reportedly Has Two Priorities: To Team With Bronny And To Own A Franchise

LeBron James Reportedly Has Two Priorities: To Team With Bronny And To Own A Franchise

LeBron James is arguably the greatest player in the modern era, with three championships and four MVP awards, and he has the chance to improve those statistics with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have gone through some major roster changes this offseason, including trading for the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis. The franchise has given away a lot for Davis but it may be what turns the team into a championship contender.

Many people believe that LeBron doesn’t have the same passion for winning that he had with the Cavaliers. New Orleans Pelicans General Manager, David Griffin, is one of those people who believes that he hasn’t got the same hunger anymore.

“I don’t think he’s the same animal anymore about winning,” Griffin told Sports Illustrated.

David Griffin knows the four-time MVP well from when he was the General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The “pressure to win” turned out to make Griffin miserable, that pressure may not be the same kind of pressure that now exists in Los Angeles.

According to Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated, many believe LeBron has two main priorities that are far more important to his career than winning more championships.

Per Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated:

Many in the NBA now suggest James harbors two priorities: enduring to team with his eldest son, Bronny, and one day owning a franchise.

LeBron James Jr, better known as Bronny has started High School and is a genuine chance to be selected as part of the NBA in a few years’ time. His father is coming to the back end of his career but if it’s up to him, he’ll play as long as he can so he gets that chance of running around the same court as his son. As for owning a franchise, that may well and truly be in the cards once LeBron’s career is officially done.

Although he may not be as worried about winning as he used to be, there’s no question that LeBron James will be doing everything he can to win a championship in the next couple of seasons with this Lakers line-up.


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