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LeBron James Reportedly Knew First Year With Lakers Would Be Ugly

(via Sporting News

(via Sporting News

After a season of drama failure and heartbreak, it makes sense that an aging LeBron James would want no part of the franchise he committed to less than a year ago.

Surprisingly, he has not hinted at those types of feelings. A 'business as usual' attitude by LeBron indicates this season did not necessarily catch him off guard. Maybe because it didn't. In a statement by Sam Amick and Bill Oram of The Athletic, LeBron knew what he was signing up for.

Strange as it might sound, sources close to LeBron insist he always knew that Year No. 1 might have to be messy for the Lakers to truly recalibrate for the rest of his Los Angeles run.

As for what he expects for the future, is hoping general manager Rob Pelinka and the front office just ‘get it right.'

As he enters Year No. 2 of his four-year deal (fourth-year player option), all indications point to LeBron simply hoping that Pelinka & Co. get it right while offering his voice on matters in a measured manner. James, by all accounts, is sensitive to the perception that he attempts to run the show behind the scenes and, as such, has taken this tack.

The plan for the Lakers going forward involves Pelinka taking full control of the front office. Thus, their coaching search and free-agent pitches will be led by his charge.

So far, LeBron has made it a point to let the team run itself. They are hoping to make that choice pay off by scoring big in a stacked player market this summer. Only time will tell.