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LeBron James Reveals He Didn't Give Much Consideration To Joining The Rockets This Past Summer


For LeBron James, it always about the Lakers. As world speculated where he would go, he already knew way before the moment of decision even arrived. The only thing holding him back was his love for Cleveland. Ultimately, it came down to the Cavs or Lakers.

The Houston Rockets would like to think they were in the running towards the end there, but LeBron James just crushed those dreams.

In a quote by ESPN's Dave McMenamin, LeBron didn't consider joining the Rockets a whole lot this summer.

Of course, this contradicts claims made earlier in the year, claims that he was close to picking Houston.

Whether by luck, basketball knowledge, or whatever you want to call it, LeBron eliminated Houston from contention right off the bat. So far, that has proved to be a wise decision.

With a 12-14 record in the West, Houston stands at 14th after making the Conference Finals just less than a year ago. Something is not working in Houston, and who knows what might've happened had LeBron joined in.

As the Rockets hope to regain their form, they'll be looking to make some moves of their own. Though, sadly, none of them will include LeBron James.