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LeBron James Reveals What He Missed The Most During Quarantine



COVID-19 changed the NBA and the world forever. Countless people have died, many have lost their jobs, and even some of those that survived are facing long-term side-effects.

For those of us lucky enough to have not caught COVID (or to make a full recovery) we still had to spend weeks in quarantine, in our homes, away from anyone not in our household.

For Lakers star LeBron James, the hardest part for him was being away from his mother, who is he is notoriously close with.

No doubt, a lot of people can relate to the feeling. Since COVID hit the U.S. in March, a lot of people were separated from the people that they love.

Unfortunately, James is now under a new quarantine in the bubble and he won't be allowed to leave until the season is over. It probably won't be easy for him to be away from his family again, but at least he'll be distracted with the mission at hand.

The L.A. superstar will be working hard to bring home his fourth Championship and even as these circumstances create a unique situation, he looks ready for the challenge ahead and we'll see soon enough how it all unfolds for him in the weeks and months to come.