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LeBron James Said Hi To A Fan's Mom When He Called Her On FaceTime At The Super Bowl

LeBron James Said Hi To A Fans Mom When He Called Her On FaceTime At The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl took place last night at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and all the stars were in attendance. A who's who of celebrities were at the game to show support to the hometown LA Rams, as they went on to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals to clinch the Vince Lombardi trophy.

One notable attendee was none other than LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers star was in the stands to watch yet another LA team bring a championship to the city, much like he and the Lakers did in 2020. And he was also there to show support to some of his friends on the Rams, including Odell Beckham Jr.

And while James was there primarily as a fan, he also took the time out of his day to try and make the day of a fan who was standing a little away from him. During the Super Bowl, one Bengals fan spotted LeBron James while on a FaceTime call with his mother and asked James to say to wave hi to his mother. LeBron obliged and said 'hi' to the fan and his mom before the fan walked away very happy.

Despite football not being the sport that he plays, James garnered a lot of the headlines on the night. Firstly, James was one of many celebrities who congratulated Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and the rest of the LA Rams on their incredible Super Bowl victory.

On top of that, James also had an incredible Super Bowl ad air, in which he is talking to a younger version of himself. Fans really enjoyed the commercial, with some even saying that it may be the best Super Bowl commercial of all time. Clearly, James was able to be a talking point despite not actually playing on the night of the Super Bowl.