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LeBron James Sat Down Amongst Trail Blazers Fans After Getting Hit During A Layup

LeBron James Sat Down Amongst Trail Blazers Fans After Getting Hit During A Layup

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers really struggled last night. In yet another disappointing performance, the Lakers ended up losing to a depleted and very inexperienced Portland Trail Blazers squad. It was a very poor performance, and it had one moment that was hilariously symbolic of the Lakers' performance.

During the game, LeBron James drove to the basket for a layup. While he made the shot, James did get hit in the face pretty hard. As the Blazers brought the ball up the other side of the court, James went on to cover his face and take a seat among the Trail Blazers fans sitting courtside.

The Lakers ended up losing the game, despite holding a lead for a majority of the game. The Lakers were shambolic on the defensive end. What makes this even more disappointing is that the Lakers lost without Russell Westbrook, the player who had been blamed for a majority of the Lakers' poor performances.

This game showed that Westbrook is not the only reason the Lakers are playing poorly right now, and thus, he should not be scapegoated for their poor performances. On top of that, the Lakers' young stars failed to deliver. While LeBron James and Anthony Davis had decent numbers, even they were making mistakes, especially during the crucial moments of the game.

LeBron James spoke after the game, noting that he was tired and frustrated. Clearly, things have not been going to plan for the Lakers. Fans were equally frustrated, including Lakers legend Magic Johnson, as they voiced their frustrations on Twitter about it.

Frank Vogel will have to answer a lot of questions regarding the loss. The Lakers coach had been benching Westbrook in the 4th quarter, something he recently justified. But without Westbrook on the court, the Lakers still lost to a team that they should have easily beaten, given the disparity between their rosters.