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LeBron James Says Anthony Davis Is More Gifted Than Kyrie Irving: "His Ability To Dribble, Shoot Three-Pointers, Mid-Range, Low Post. His Defensive Prowess Is Uncanny.”

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

LeBron James has been lucky enough to play with many stars over his 17-year career. While Dwyane Wade is considered his best teammate, Kyrie Irving is often seen as a close second -- and it's clear why.

But according to LeBron James himself, he believes his most recent partner in crime more gifted than his former Cleveland co-star. In an appearance on the "Road Trippin'” podcast, he explained why:

“You know we talk about Kyrie [Irving] as far as how gifted. AD is even probably more gifted than Kyrie in the sense of you add seven-eight more inches of height. His ability to dribble, shoot, three-pointers, mid-range, low post. His defensive prowess is uncanny.

This year, no matter what injury he had his a** came back on the floor… He was dealing with a severe foot problem in the Bubble and he played through it every single moment. And he did not like the fact that they was out there or my dog who he called me is out there playing and I’m not out there."

The case can be made that Anthony Davis has carried more of a load than any of LeBron's previous teammates. At 36-years-old, James has limitations he didn't have in Cleveland and Miami. As a result, Davis was called on to do more on both ends of the floor, and he has delivered in every way.

Last season, AD averaged 26.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game on 50% shooting. He was also among the NBA's best defenders and rim protectors.

While Kyrie is certainly a talented scorer, he doesn't have Davis' size or defensive abilities. His relationship with James also isn't nearly as toxic.

No doubt, Irving's recent comments seem relevant here, as LeBron himself admitted he felt hurt by his words.

Nonetheless, AD will have the chance to prove Bron right in this upcoming season, as he and the Lakers shoot to win their second straight title -- something Kyrie Irving was never able to do.