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LeBron James Says He Has 'No Weakness' On His Game

LeBron James Says He Has 'No Weakness' On His Game

Ever since he made it to the league, LeBron James has only improved his game, getting better and better every year. At age 35, Bron is playing at a higher level, still ruling the league and being the best player in the world. His dominance with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat is unmatched and it continues with the Lakers, who are about to win their first NBA title in 10 years.

Bron recently talked about his longevity and all the strengths in his game, claiming has "no weakness" on the basketball court, mostly due to all the coaches he's faced in the playoffs and all the things he's learned from them. During media day on Thursday, James explained:

"The best teacher is life experience. I've played against great coaches throughout my whole career, not only in the regular season but in the postseason, throughout first, second, third, Finals runs. I've played against some exceptional coaches, great coaches, Hall of Fame coaches, Hall of Fame players.

"They've all, opponents and coaches, helped me get to this point where I am today, to a point where I have no weakness, offensively or defensively, to where if I can read a defense, I can exploit it. I can put myself in a position to be successful. It doesn't mean that the ball goes in all the time, but there's nothing out on the floor that I cannot do at this point in my career.

"That's all because of the competition and the adversity and the losses and everything I've been through throughout the course of my career. At that point in time I say I've got to work on this because that's what they're allowing me to have; now I've got to work on this because they're shutting this down in my game. It's just like I said, the best teacher in life is life experience, and I've experienced it all."

He went against great coaches like Gregg Popovich, Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown, and more, so he must have known one or two things about them. James has a huge basketball IQ and he demonstrates that every game. Added to the fact that he studied and learned from these coaches, he's probably right when he says he has no weakness. However, there is still something to improve and Bron is well aware of that.