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LeBron James Says He "Likes" The New-Look Lakers

(via CNN International)

(via CNN International)

As LeBron James enters his 17th season, expectations have never been quite so low. He's coming off a major injury, a failed season, and is nearing 35-years-old.

Nonetheless, he is as confident as he's ever been in his own abilities and (more importantly) the potential of his team.

“I like our team,” said James to reporters during the Lakers’ training camp, per the official

“I thought Dwight and JaVale, they’ve been very good, if not great since practice has started. I love what they’re able to do. Those two guys that stood out and Avery continues to stand out with his defensive tenacity. Everybody did something in the summertime, you can tell. They came in the best possible shape without playing basketball obviously, but everybody looks pretty good,” added James, in regard to his early impressions on the new signings.

Positive vibes coming from James, and it appears he is happy with the recent changes of his team. Still, the Lakers hope to back up that talk by their play on the court this season, and it will not be easy. In the West alone, there will be multiple obstacles ahead.

Can James lead his team through them all just one last time?