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LeBron James Says He Will For Sure Own An NBA Team One Day


As LeBron James nears the tail end of his 15 year NBA career, it's only natural that he thinks about what will come next.

For him, like many before, he hopes to one day go from player to owner when it's all said and done. Because, as Jame sputs it, there's no better boss than yourself.

"Ain’t no maybe about it, I’m going to do that [expletive]. I want to stay around the game of basketball,” James told The Athletic's Joe Vardon.

It makes sense for LeBron to join the owners' circle. He's a basketball icon with near billions of dollars to spend. If any player was suited to take on a team of his own, it has got to be The King.

“Having Michael in Charlotte is great and it’s special, but we need more,” Magic Johnson said of James and his post-playing future. “LeBron would be outstanding as the second player to be an owner in our league. We need more African-Americans, for sure, and LeBron would just be fantastic to become the next owner — after he leads the Lakers to an NBA championship, of course.”

“It takes a special situation, a special player, to become an owner,” Magic continued. “Not only do you have to make a lot of money, which LeBron checks that box, but you have to be very intelligent. He checks that box. Personality-wise, you need to have respect, not only of the players and the owners and (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver, and you need charisma. LeBron has all those boxes checked. You also have to understand what it takes. You have to have a game plan and a strategy for how you’re going to do it (become an owner).”

LeBron certainly does "check" these metaphorical boxes. He's got the money, the charisma, and the intelligence to own an NBA franchise and lead them to success.

What team this might be, or how soon after retirement it will happen is something nobody knows, but we can be sure that we'll see LeBron as an owner at some point down the road. Though, if he's any worse than Jordan has been so far, maybe he should reconsider.