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LeBron James Says He's Still Trying To Adjust To The Bubble: "I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Played In An Empty Gym That Really Counted."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers haven't fared particularly well since the Orlando bubble games began last month.

They were able to clinch the West's top seed, but are just 2-4 in their games played. Even more concerning has been the play of James himself, who is putting up numbers well below his season average before the bubble.

Many have tried to speculate on what the problem might be, but it may be as simple as the Lakers (and their leaders) needing some more time to adjust to these uncharted circumstances.

Here's a comment Bron recently made on the bubble:

It is true that the situation playing out in the NBA has never happened before. Players are having to spend time away from their families and quarantined in a singular location. During the games, they're having to perform in an empty arena, with no fans in attendance. Some have done better than others but, regardless, you can't deny it's a huge adjustment for the players. The question for the Lakers is if they can turn things around in time for the playoffs. If they want to secure the title this season, they're going to need LeBron James at his peak form... something that has yet to be seen in the bubble.