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LeBron James Says NBA Needs To Address China Issue Before Players

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

It's clear now that the NBA China scandal is not going to go away easy. As the season prepares to kick off in a little bit over a week, the league risks losing billions of dollars if they continue being shut out by the world-power.

After some initial comments, the league has gone dark, no doubt in hopes things will die down on their own.

In a meeting between several league powers, NBA superstar LeBron James wanted to ensure the NBA takes the initiative on any messaging. Commissioner Adam Silver was apparently transparent in the process, expressing his belief that the players should speak up.

(via Sports Illustrated)

"Silver was said to be extremely thoughtful and transparent with Lakers and Nets players, coaches and executives present. He discussed that he believed players should face the media and support the league’s openness toward freedom of expression, wanting to open the room up for discussion and an open-minded approach toward the situation," sources told Charania.

LeBron James felt otherwise.

"James expressed concern that without the league being able to speak to media to address all of the questions and dynamics about China and the NBA, it was unfair for solely players to bear that responsibility," according to The Athletic's Shams Charania.

Several players also lost sponsorship opportunities over the incident, including Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. If China continues its "boycott," the decreased revenue could impact the salary cap going forward for each individual team. Clearly, this issue affects more than just the NBA as an organization. It affects the teams and players.

So who should speak up? Should anyone speak up? With both sides clearly in disagreement, it seems the silence will continue to linger until someone or something gives in.