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LeBron James Says Sports Wouldn't Be The Same Without The Fans: "There's No Excitement."

(via Insider)

(via Insider)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the sports world is experiencing an unprecedented level of silence.

With most sporting activities canceled or postponed, there isn't much going on right now and even when things do return, there is a chance that fans might not be involved right away.

According to LeBron, though, the idea of playing the game without the fans just wouldn't be the same.

Finishing the season behind closed doors has been an increasingly likely scenario since the NBA postponed their action earlier this month. As COVID-19 continues to get worse around the globe, the future of the NBA season grows in uncertainty.

After initial backlash against the idea, LeBron showed his support for empty arenas, for the sake of social distancing.

“Obviously I would be very disappointed not having the fans, ’cause that’s what I play for,” James said. “But at the same time, you gotta listen to the people that’s keeping track of what’s going on. And if they feel it is best for the safety of the players, safety of the franchise and league to mandate that, then we all listen to it." 

Make no mistake about it: he understands the importance of social distancing during this time. But he clearly doesn't want to play if nobody is there to watch the game.

And he's right. Without people to fill the arenas, is it reeally the same thing?