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LeBron James Says Warriors Employee Made Him Take Longer Route To The Locker Room After Injury


Good news is, LeBron James won't be hurting for too long following his trip to play the Warriors on Tuesday. The bad news is, he found out just how much those folks in Oakland really hate him.

The story LeBron recently shared involves one Warriors employee who made him take the long way to the locker room after sustaining an injury in the third quarter. Usually, according to Yahoo! Sports' Chris Haynes, opposing players typically head for the tunnel exit behind the basket near the Warriors’ bench because that’s where the visiting locker room is located. The Oracle Arena staffer apparently told LeBron to take the tunnel behind the Lakers’ bench, forcing the Laker star to walk all the way around the corridors of the arena with an injured groin.

“Yeah, an arena worker told me to go that way," said James. "They made me take the long route. I know what they were doing.”

As ridiculous as it is to say, this wasn't the only classless behavior displayed Tuesday night. One Warriors fan tried to capture footage of a hobbling LeBron after the game, and a security guard had to intervene.

Still, making LeBron walk on an injury when he didn't have to, just because you hate him or you're scared your team can't beat him is just flat out shameful.

It's probably something leBron has faced before, with different people on different teams, but it doesn't make it any less wrong.