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LeBron James Seemingly Calls Out Players Who Practice Things They Won't Use In Games: "Annoys Me A Tad"

LeBron James Seemingly Calls Out Players Who Practice Things They Won't Use In Games: "Annoys Me A Tad"

LeBron James has been around for quite some time now. After playing for almost 18 years, James has evolved his game to a massive degree. He is no longer the player he once was, mostly because the league has changed so much during his time in the NBA.

When LeBron entered the NBA in 2003, the league was more physically dominant at the time, and players could play more physically against the offensively gifted players, which meant James had to get stronger.

But as the league evolved and became more offense-oriented, especially with players becoming adept at shooting three-pointers. And while James is by no means a gifted three-point shooter, he has incorporated it into his game and attempts quite a few shots when he gets the chance.

One of the things that makes James such a transcendent player is his grit and determination. James is always in the gym, working out and trying to get better. He will always try to incorporate new things into his game but feels like he must work on them before he can start doing it in games.

This may be why James is so confused about several players. LeBron recently took to Twitter and ask why certain basketball players practice moves in the gym that they never use during actual games. He also said that this habit from players annoys him a lot.

"Why do so many ball players work on stuff they are never going to use in the game?? Seriously question. Annoys me a tad."

Fans have speculated that James might be taking shots at certain players in the NBA. There are many players who are seen practicing new moves in practice before the NBA season, but we don't see these moves during games.

For LeBron, he has seen the league evolve. And rather than complain about what changes have been made and how people have made the game different, he has adapted to the league, which is why he continues to be one of the best players in the league.