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LeBron James Sends A Message: 'Championship Mindset At All Time'

(via Instagram/@kingjames)

(via Instagram/@kingjames)

For LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, today begins the long and hard-fought fight for the 2019-20 NBA Championship. With scrimmages taking place over the next few days, and real games slated to start next week, this is the moment fans have been waiting for since the season was postponed back in March.

As for James, he seems ready for the battle to come. On Instagram, he made a special post commemorating the occasion.

Let’s Get It!! We back at it tonight. Can’t wait and it’s just a scrimmage. Not to me though. Championship mindset at all time!!

In these circumstances especially, nobody really knows what to expect from LeBron. In his 17th season, at 35-years-old, he'll have to overcome his own demons before he has any chance of beating out the other competition in the West.

After months of inactivity, how will the King perform? How will his body hold up? With Avery Bradley gone and Rajon Rondo out, will the team have enough backcourt depth to make a Finals run?

There's still much that remains to be seen and, for now, we still have a whole lot more questions than answers.

Fortunately, at the very least, the Lakers can find solice in the fact that their franchise star and leader seems to be ready, healthy, and prepared for the opportunity ahead.