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LeBron James Sends A Message To Bryant Family After Game 2 Victory: "We're With You Guys."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

It has been ten years since the L.A. Lakers have reached the NBA Finals. After so much failure, it was LeBron James' arrival that turned things around for the legendary franchise and his arrival that put them back on the map.

But, following their Game 2 victory, LeBron James' mind was not about his own achievements. Instead, he dedicated the moment to the Bryant family, sharing some special words after the game in their honor.

"We're thinking about the Bryant family. Vanessa and the daughters. They're with us. We're with you guys. We love you guys."

Kobe's tragic death in February gave a renewed passion for the Lakers to bring home the title this season.

With protests and COVID-19, things certainly got complicated and it seems the Bryant story became just another drop in what has been an ocean of obstacles this season.

But LeBron has not forgotten, and neither has the NBA community. In the aftermath of their Game 2 victory, James made sure to remind them and the world where his thoughts were.

And if they are able to close the deal and win these next two games, it will be the perfect way to honor the 5x Champion and his family.