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LeBron James Sends A Strong Message To His Team After Loss To Grizzlies


In their most recent loss, a defeated Laker team went back to the locker room with their Playoff hopes as low as it had ever been.

LeBron James is doing his best to keep things contained, but his antics lately have not helped defuse the situation. Most recently, he made some comments about distractions, and it has some wondering if this is really the best route to take.

He doesn’t name anyone specific, but it’s clearly directed at someone particular. It seems someone is getting distracted by the noise around them instead of focusing on ball.

And in a time when so much is at stake for the team, that’s not where you want to be.

Whether or not this public message was the right way to do it is something else entirely. Some things are better left in the locker room.

We’ll see what happens with the Lakers going forward. One good stretch of basketball might just be enough to sneak them into the postseason. But, as they stand now, it has become abundantly clear that they’ve still got a long ways to go.