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LeBron James Shares A List Of The Best Shooters He's Played With

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LeBron James Reveals The Best Shooters He's Played With: Kyrie Irving And Ray Allen

LeBron James has been known as an elite playmaker throughout his career, and there's no doubt that he's adept at getting shooters easy opportunities on the perimeter. As such, one of the best moves to build a competitive roster around LeBron James would be to surround him with shooters.

Recently, LeBron James did a Q and A on Twitter, where he answered a variety of questions. LeBron James' former teammate Damon Jones asked LeBron James for a list of the best shooters that he's played with during his career. LeBron James listed off a variety of names and included Damon Jones in the list as well. Notably, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and J. R. Smith were part of the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers team that won the championship. Mike Miller and Ray Allen were also part of the championship-winning Miami Heat teams, though Ray Allen was only present for the 2012-13 season.

Mike Miller. James Jones, Kyle Korver, Swish, Kyrie, Jesus Shuttlesworth, DJ19, C Frye, KLove

There's no doubt that all of these players had the ability to shoot the ball well from the perimeter. That is why a good portion of these players have been on deep playoff runs with LeBron James, as they can play well off of him.

The Los Angeles Lakers did not manage to make the playoffs this year, so perhaps adding more shooting around LeBron James could be the answer to their woes. They had players like Russell Westbrook and Talen Horton-Tucker who were subpar shooters but good ball handlers, and obviously, the optimal type of player to put next to LeBron James is a player that has off-ball scoring ability.

Hopefully, we see LeBron James make a championship run again in the future. LeBron James was close to winning the scoring title this season, and it is clear that he is still a legitimate superstar. Perhaps we'll see the front office put a competitive squad around him this offseason.