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LeBron James Show Off New Car 'HEV 00' On Instagram: "Ready To Hit The Streets Of LA"

LeBron James Show Off New Car 'HEV 00' On Instagram: "Ready To Hit The Streets Of LA"

LeBron James is enjoying his off-season to the maximum. While it is easy to hate on someone for enjoying life after his team was eliminated in the regular season, LeBron carried an incredibly heavy load on the Lakers this season. Additionally, he is in the 19th off-season of his career, so he definitely has a lot of unwinding to do with all the miles on his body already.

Nothing is as relaxing as taking a drive around the streets of Los Angeles, and LeBron has plenty of cars to do it in style. As a billion-dollar athlete who is still an active player, LeBron has lived a life of luxury for a long time now. However, sometimes it is best to keep it a little simple and be practical.

James shared a picture of his new HEV (Hummer Electric Vehicle) that is decked out in a white and black paint job. 

Electric vehicles are extremely sensible nowadays with the cost of fuel going up and becoming a massive overhead cost of owning a car. James is tied up with Hummer for this kind of promotion, so it is good to see LBJ endorse a new-age electric vehicle that uses no fuel.

LeBron hasn't enjoyed many long off-seasons in his career, with the 2018 off-season being the last full off-season he got to himself. Despite being eliminated in the first round last year, James anyway played into June and was off basketball until October. This time he gets a much longer time to recover from his nagging injuries and come into next season and be more durable.

The Lakers team is bound to be shaken up this off-season and LeBron will have to carry the load of helping the team find their footing through training camp and pre-season. It's a herculean task for a man who'll be in Year 20, so he can do whatever he pelases this off-season to be ready for the actual season.